Discounted NaNoWriMo Editing Packages

I love the idea of National Novel Writing Month. It’s an excuse to chase ideas and leverage oneself into a consistent writing practice. It’s a supportive (and sometimes competitive) community that offers on and offline resources to hobbyists and professionals. NaNoWriMo recognizes that cranking out wordage is crucial for producing a workable first draft, and it rewards and motivates you with badges, trinkets, and e-mails. If we’re really honest, sometimes that’s necessary.

Regardless of whether you write 11,000 words or 50,000* words, writing is happening. And the best part? Readers can’t tell the difference between a well-crafted novel written in one month, six months, or six years. The key is quality, and that’s where I step in.  

Ready ($100)

I’ll read your manuscript and provide you with a reader’s report detailing overall strengths and weaknesses. (Excellent for unfinished stories and those lacking direction. Let me be your compass!) This report also will contain suggestions tailored to your story. Expect honesty! No marks will be made on your manuscript.

Set ($700)

I’ll analyze your characters and provide concrete suggestions to improve your story’s structure or arc, and chances are good that I’ll ask a plethora of questions. After you’ve rewritten your manuscript to your satisfaction, we’ll discuss a schedule for completing a detailed copy edit. This comprehensive review will include recasting, rewriting, and reorganization, as well as strengthening dialogue, improving word choice, eliminating clichés, and flagging inconsistencies. You’ll end up with an awesome manuscript filled with comments and suggestions, ready for your final revisions.

Go ($850)

All of the above. Once you’ve worked through the developmental and copy editing processes, killed your darlings, and dragged your manuscript through glass, we’ll move to pre-publication edits. I’ll examine your manuscript to check for typos or other errors that may have been missed or introduced during revisions. You can send me your final manuscript as a Word document, eBook, or PDF. If you choose to send an eBook or PDF, this proofreading phase will also review formatting and layout.

These packages come with my ongoing support and are only available until December 31. Contact me as soon as possible if you’d like a sample edit, and know that I’ll be happy to make package adjustments based on your needs. Back to the word mines, wrimos!

*Please note that if your novel is (a lot) longer than 50,000 words, I may need to modify pricing.


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