Frequently Asked Questions


What services do you offer?
Developmental editing (big stuff), copy editing (small stuff), manuscript reviews (a professional book report), content development (writing), and speaking arrangements. For more information, click here.

How do I know I want to work with you?
You should ask for a sample edit! Submit a sample of your project using the contact page. All edits will be performed using the “Track Changes” function in Microsoft Word. If your project is a novel, submit approximately 1,000 words from the section of your manuscript that you feel needs the most work. This is important because the work involved with the sample edit helps inform rate development for your whole project. Re-rating may be necessary if there’s a large discrepancy between the sample pages and the manuscript as a whole. (It’s a lot easier to set expectations up front!)

Is there anything you won’t work on?
Jen specializes in genre fiction and poetry but won’t necessarily turn down projects that fall outside of those parameters. However, Jen generally doesn’t edit religious projects, romance, or erotica, though there are exceptions. She also doesn’t take on academic editing projects. She will, however, refer you out to some amazing colleagues who do. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask!


How much does professional editing cost?
Every project is different, and that’s why projects are priced individually based on the type of services you need, a sample of your manuscript, manuscript length, and your deadlines. You’ll receive a flat, fixed project fee—no surprises, here. To request a customized quote, please use this contact form.

What’s included?
Here’s what you’ll get if you work with me:

  • Two passes of editing.
  • A redlined version of your edited manuscript using Track Changes in Word.
  • A clean version of your edited manuscript for reviewing ease.
  • A style sheet of recorded formatting and spelling preferences. (My default style guide is the 17th Edition of the Chicago Manual of Style.)
  • A language assessment using the Comments feature in Word, wherein I’ll flag language that may unintentionally create harm by fueling stereotypes, reflecting implicit bias, or perpetuating stigma. Explanations and suggestions for alternatives will be provided.

And before any work starts, you’ll receive (and be required to sign) a contract that clearly outlines scope of services so that you can feel comfortable and protected. For large projects, you may be asked to pay a 25 percent down payment to lock in a slot on my schedule.

Do you accept rush requests?
Yes, as scheduling permits. Rush requests are generally defined as small editing or content development projects with a turnaround time of fewer than four business days or as large editing or content development projects with a turnaround time of fewer than two weeks. A rush fee will be applied to the project.