Writing Services

If you have any questions or you’re interested in something you don’t see listed, contact¬†Clearing Blocks to discuss your project.

Corporate Biographies

A corporate biography generally describes you or your business in 200 words or less. (You may, of course, have a longer or shorter blurb based on your personal preferences.) These biographies are often used for personnel profiles, websites, social media endeavors, or proposal requests. Clearing Blocks has written a number of short corporate biographies and “About Me” pages that run the gamut from professional to ridiculous. Once you provide the personal (or business) information you’d like highlighted, Clearing Blocks will craft an attention-grabbing biography for you.


Correspondences include any type of written or digital communication between individuals. Often, correspondence can help you develop or maintain important relationships, making it imperative that your letter be written professionally without sacrificing a personal touch. Correspondence may include cover letters, thank-you notes, apologies, error corrections, or even requests for information. Bottom line? If you have a letter you need written, Clearing Blocks can help. (Please note that while I can write or review legal correspondence, I am not a lawyer, am not able to provide counsel, and will not be held liable for any legal matters.)

Press Releases

A press release is an official message, generally directed at news outlets, that provides information about a newsworthy event. Is your company using new technology to offer better services? Are you opening a restaurant? Is your non-profit trying to organize and promote a fundraiser? Clearing Blocks can work with you to develop meaningful copy that sells your story to a wide audience.

Web Content

Clearing Blocks can develop personalized¬†web content, including topics-based articles, blog posts, filler, or product descriptions. If you’re interested in retaining services for a special essay or reporting project, please make sure you get in touch and include your pitch in your message.