"From start to finish, working with Jen was awesome. As a first time novelist, I had no clue where to get started. She quickly pointed me to articles on her website about the editing process and the different kinds of editing she provided. She worked with me to figure out which kinds I needed. I was worried she would not understand what I was trying to achieve. When she gave me the editing sample, I knew I would not be disappointed and my fears were misplaced. Every step of the way she made sure that the meaning and intent of my writing stayed true to my vision, but she showed me how to make that writing shine. Some of her comments I did not want to mark as resolved, they were so spot on and important, not just to this specific project, but writing more generally. I have a folder of screenshots of these comments so that I can refer back to them while working on future projects. Jen excels not just at the sentence and syntax level, but also at discerning the intent of overly long and complicated sentences. She was able to distill these massive run-ons into concise yet emotive sentences. Her edit letter pointed out over-arching problems, suggestions for fixing them, and a very great run down of why those suggestions would work. It was not advice for this work, it was advice for my writing overall. I feel like she challenged me and my writing in ways that have made me a better writer. I am definitely planning on booking her services for future projects."

Dax Murray, Writer

"I’d also like to thank my editor, Jennifer Anderson of Clearing Blocks Editing. Letting an editor get their hands on your work for the first time is terrifying. You don’t know them. You wouldn’t leave your precious little baby with a stranger. Unfortunately, I had an ugly baby and something had to be done. Jennifer understood my work, what I wanted from it, and what needed to be done. She untangled my story like one would a string of Christmas lights just out of storage. She talked to me about my characters with genuine excitement long after her work on the project was done. Nothing brightens an author’s day more than seeing their work bring joy to another."

Alex Ziebart, Writer 

"Your work…is outstanding! Not only do you have a firm grasp of the 'nuts and bolts' of copyediting, but you have a real gift for untangling convoluted sentences and extracting the author's intended meaning. The resulting text is clear, preserves the author's meaning, and is very readable and accessible…Your queries to the author are consistently clear, thoughtful, and professional in tone."

Annette Theuring, Medical Editor and Publications Manager

“Jennifer is much more than an editor! She rewrote my bio keeping all the salient points, but making it much more readable and reader friendly. I am thrilled with the results, and am so glad I found her on e-lance. I will definitely hire her again. She is talented, responsive, and was really able to deliver what I needed. Thanks, Jennifer!” 

Jennifer Lindberg, Wedding Photographer

"I am more than happy with ALL of Jennifer's work!"

Dana Smith, Spiritual Essence Yoga

"Jen Anderson is not only a top-notch sales proposal writer with outstanding attention to detail, but she also excels at writing and editing creative pieces. I am honored to have worked with her to create corporate communications materials and RFP responses for nearly six years. Jen is quick, thorough, and professional in all situations, and she is capable of turning the most convoluted and poorly written paragraphs into clear, concise prose. When copy editing, she does not miss even the smallest grammatical mistakes and can consistently pinpoint the ways in which a piece of writing can be improved. She’s capable of crafting verbiage for any situation, even if she was not previously familiar with the topic. Jen can handle any and all writing and editing projects with ease."

—Erica Richards, Writer

"Jennifer edited a nonfiction book for my husband's business, and she was wonderful on every level. She caught errors in categories that we hadn't asked her flag. She stayed in contact with us throughout the project about deadline status. Plus, she seemed genuinely interested in the book's topic even though it was new to her. I highly recommend her for any editing or proofreading job. She will hit every deadline well in advance, she'll go above and beyond what you expect, and she'll inject useful suggestions."

—Maggie Graham, Career Counselor

Have you worked with me in the past? Want to leave your own testimonial? Fill out the below form and it'll get posted here shortly! Please make sure you include your name, title (if you'd like), and any website with which you'd like to be associated (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, author site, personal blog, etc.). 

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