How do I know what type of editing I need?
This post should help, but you are more than welcome to ask questions or discuss your goals. 

How much does professional editing cost?
Projects are priced individually based on services required, length, complexity, and your deadlines. To request a quote, please use this contact form.  

Do you perform sample edits?
Yes! Submit a sample of your project using the Contact page. All edits will be performed using the “Track Changes” function in Microsoft Word. If your project is in another file format, we’ll chat about the best way to get you what you need. If your project is a novel, submit approximately ten pages from the section of your manuscript that needs the most work. It’ll give everyone a better picture of what to expect.

Do you accept rush requests?
Yes, as scheduling permits. Rush requests are generally defined as small editing or content development projects with a turnaround time of fewer than two days, or as large editing or content development projects with a turnaround time of fewer than two weeks. Fees will be adjusted accordingly. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information.

Is there anything you won’t write or edit?
As a general rule, Jen will not write or edit projects with religious themes or those that espouse hateful or bigoted worldviews. In addition, Jen will only edit, not write, academic papers. If any portion of said paper appears to be plagiarized, Jen will stop work and notify you immediately so that you can take steps to correct it. 

I want you to talk to my employees/class about writing or editing.
Awesome. Jen is available to speak to your company or classroom about writing, editing, and communications:

  • Using Inclusive Language
  • Getting the Most out of Microsoft Word’s Track Changes Function
  • Foolproof Proofing
  • The Editing Process, or Working Productively with an Editor